Metropolitan Planning Organization

The Winston-Salem Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WSUAMPO or MPO)  is responsible for coordinating transportation planning within the Winston-Salem Urbanized Area according to the latest Census. Metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) are established by Federal directive for all urbanized areas with a population of 50,000.

The WSUAMPO Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) map.

The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), provides a forum for local decision-making regarding federal, state and local transportation funds for urbanized areas. The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) sets regional, long-term transportation policy; prioritizes projects; and approves the long-range plan, short-range TIP, and other required documents.

The MPO has several core functions it must perform: the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Transportation Improvement Program, Unified Planning Work Program, Congestion Management Process, Public Participation Plan, and Federal Performance Measures. 

  1. Public Feedback Requested

    The Winston-Salem Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization is requesting your feedback... Read more...
  2. "Watch for Me" Campaign Commencing with Education, Then Enforcement

    Winston-Salem’s "Watch for Me" campaign to promote pedestrian and bicycle safety will officially begin Wednesday, Aug. 14, with a public-awareness campaign. Stepped-up enforcement will begin Aug. 26, to coincide with the first day of school. Read more...
  3. Electric Scooters Returning to Winston-Salem

    Electric scooters are scheduled to reappear in Winston-Salem on Friday, Oct. 11, when Zagster, in partnership with Spin, will put out 100 Spin scooters for public use. Read more...
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