Employee Handbook

Access the employee handbook (PDF). The Employee Handbook is in Adobe Acrobat format.

Reading the Handbook Online

Use the bookmarks on the left of your screen to navigate through the document or use the Table of Contents to find the subject you want to read about. You can also navigate through the document by using the left-arrow (back one page) and right-arrow (forward one page) at the bottom of the pages. The Table of Contents is hyperlinked to the correct pages in the handbook; just click in the Table of Contents for the page containing the topic.

Click the Bookmark tab to display the Bookmarks if it is not showing. Clicking the Bookmark tab again will close it. You can adjust the text size by using the Zoom control just above the page on the toolbar (example: 100%, 125%, 75%).

Printing Pages of the Handbook

When you find information you want to print, go to the File, Print menu on the top menu bar. In the Print Dialogue Box, choose your options:

  • All pages (this will be the entire 99-page handbook)
  • Current page (that which is showing on your monitor)
  • Pages from i to vii (this refers to the Acrobat numbering of pages shown at the bottom where the left-arrow and right-arrows are, not the numbered pages that may show in the document)
  • Review the other options for changes you may need to make
  • Then hit Okay

To save the Handbook to your own computer, go to the Save a Copy icon on the Adobe menu toolbar. In the File Location box, use the drop-down arrow to navigate to your Save location. Click Save.

Use your browser´s Back button to return to the webpage if it opened in the browser. Close Adobe Acrobat Reader if it opened separately.