On-Call Policy for Non-Exempt Employees

On-Call Policy

On June 19, 2006, the City Council adopted a resolution authorizing the City Manager to establish and implement an on-call policy for non-exempt employees. The following policy has been approved.

Non-exempt employees that are periodically required to be in a formal on-call status where they: (1) are not required to remain on City property but are required to be available for contact by telephone or pager; and (2) are afforded at least an hour within which to report to work, will be compensated as follows:

  • On-call status, as described, is not considered work time and, thus, is not compensable work time under FLSA; however, in recognition of the potential inconvenience, employees in this status shall receive additional compensation at their regular rate of pay for 4 hours per on-call week.
  • For purposes of this policy, any time spent in actually responding to a call to return to duty (including commuting time) will be considered work time and will be recorded and compensated as such.
  • Employees called back to duty for less than 2 hours duration will be compensated for 2 work hours. Employees called back to duty for two or more work hours will be compensated for the actual hours worked. All hours worked will be taken into consideration when determining the applicability of the FLSA overtime provisions.
  • No additional compensation, except as described in this section, is authorized for On-Call or Call-Back situations.
  • In some cases, the normal type of rotational on-call arrangement anticipated by this policy may not be feasible or possible. The department and Human Resources Director, in such cases, will work out an alternative compensation approach.

Updated June 2006