Police Chief History

Salem Law Enforcement Officers

Years ActiveChief Officer
1858W.H. Hauser (Town Constable)
1874 to 1880H.N. Null
1889A.C. Sheppard
1888 to 1889George Ebert. (Ebert was the first to hold the title Chief of Police)
1889 to 1892W.W. Spainhour
1892 to 1894George S Ebert
1894 to 1899W.W. Spainhour
1899 to 1901J.R. Johnson
1901 to 1902C.W. Russell
1902 to 1903W.W. Spainhour
1903 to 1905Sender Newsome
1905 to 1907John McGee
1907 to 1909J. H. Yow
1909 to 1913Lewis Kimball

Town of Winston Law Enforcement Officers

Years ActiveChief Officer
1859J. Smith Sapp, Samuel Ferabee (Town Patrol)
1859J. Smith Sapp, David Barrow, and Moses Faircloth (Town Patrol)
1860 to 1862Nathaniel Snipes Town Officer
1863Samuel A. Thomas
1864 to 1865Nathaniel Snipes
1865 to 1866Samuel A. Thomas
1866 to 1867Peter Guyn
1867 to 1868William Spaugh
1868 to 1869John H. Waggoner
1869 to 1871Edward Spach
1871 to 1872J. Smith Sapp
1872 to 1873Lewis Cook
1873A.H. Holland (died in office)
1873William Maderly (served 6 months)
1873 to 1875Nathaniel Snipes
1875J. S Ogburn (resigned after 3 weeks)
1875 to 1879Thomas Pfohl
1879 to 1881Henry Wooters to Chief of Police
1881 to 1886W.G. Bahnson
1886 to 1887John Bradford
1887 to 1889John Meroney
1889 to 1894John Bradford
1894 to 1897J.M. Wilson
1897 to 1898M.E. Teague
1898J.J. Adams (served 6 months)
1899 to 1906Captain F.G. Crutchfield (died in office)
1906 to 1913James A. Thomas

Winston to Salem Chiefs of Police

Years ActiveChief
1913 to 1929James A. Thomas
1929 to 1934James G. Wooten (died in office)
1934 to 1942Walter F. Anderson
1942 to 1944James A. Thomas
1944 to 1950John M. Gold
1950 to 1963James I. Waller
1963 to 1973Justus M. Tucker
1973 to 1977Thomas A. Surratt
1978 to 1984Lucius A. Powell
1984 to 1986Joseph E Masten
1987 to 1999George L. Sweat
1999 to 2004Linda G. Davis
2004 to 2008Patricia D. Norris
2008 to 2013Scott A. Cunningham
2013 to 2017Barry D. Rountree
2017 to 2022Catrina A. Thompson

Winston-Salem Chief's Accomplishments

Photographs of Police Chiefs from 1913 to Present Day

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