Managers, access NeoGov via the sign in portal.


The City of Winston-Salem is updating our job application process. Effective Monday, February 27, 2012, the city will move to an online application system. We will no longer be accepting paper applications. Please visit the City of Winston-Salem NeoGov Internal Jobs page to submit your Internal Application.

Everyone will be required to submit all Job Applications online. The applications may be completed on your home computer or from public computers in the lobby of the Human Resources Office, at the public library, or at any other location offering Internet access.

Applications already submitted through the existing process will be reviewed and routed as usual.

About the New System

The new system will require you to have an email address which will be used to contact you throughout the hiring process and to keep you updated on the status of your application. You will also be able to create an application that can be used to easily apply for multiple jobs in the future without creating a new application each time.


NeoGov is the application used to manage applicant and recruitment data throughout the selection process. With NeoGov, Human Resources can post job openings, accept applications online, and route applications to the appropriate hiring manager all within one central application.

It also serves as an applicant self-service portal in that it allows for creating accounts to store personal and job history information. To apply for a job with the city, the applicant simply reviews their stored data, selects the desired job posting and submits the application. The application is then automatically routed to Human Resources and the appropriate hiring manager. After submitting an application, the applicant has the ability to follow the progress of his/her application as it moves along in the hiring process.

Other features include:

  • Job interest notifications that alert an applicant when a desired job has been posted
  • Capability of asking job-specific questions in addition to the standard application information
  • Capability of pre-screening applicants based on minimum qualifications needed
  • Applicant self-scheduling of interviews or other appointments
  • Generate e-mail notifications
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities in the recruitment area