Bill Payment Options

We accept Visa and Mastercard and Discover Cards for secure payments. To avoid multiple transactions, do not reattempt your payment. If you do not receive a confirmation number, please contact CityLink at 336-727-8000.

Pay your Utility/Stormwater bill faster and easier!

There is no convenience fee charged by the city for any of the following payment options. Telephone and web payments receive immediate credit:

  • Automatic draft: Complete the Automatic Draft Form (PDF) and send it in with your current bill, payment, and a voided check. The draft will begin with your next statement. You will continue to receive a statement in the mail.
  • Credit card online: You will need your account and personal identification numbers to log in.
  • Online banking: Use your bank's online bill pay service to send an electronic payment directly to us to update your account.
  • Paperless e-billing for Water/Sewer/Stormwater charges:
    1. Access the Pay Bills page
    2. Enter your 7-digit account number
    3. Enter your 4-digit personal identification number (your personal identification number is the last 4 digits of your customer number)
    4. Click on Fill out a service request or send a message
    5. Beside the Issue Types select Paperless Billing from the drop-down list
    6. Select Form
    7. Answer the 5 questions provided and select Submit
    8. A customer service representative will review your request and apply the information to your account to begin paperless billing.
  • Telephone: Use our Automated Telephone System to pay your bill. You will need your account number and personal identification number to log in. Dial 336-727-2355 and follow the instructions.
  1. Water / Sewer
  2. StormWater
  3. Yard-Waste Cart Sticker
  4. Fire Department Permits

Personal Identification Number

You will need to have your account number and personal identification number to login. Your personal identification number is found on your statement (last 4 digits of your customer number).

Contact Us

Have a question about paying your water bill or prefer to pay via the phone system? Call 336-727-8000.

Water Residential Services

Read more about residential services by visiting the Residents page.

Leaking Investigation & High Bills

If your water bill seems high, watch the Water Leaking Investigation video to learn about leaks.

Understanding Your Bill

You may have either water/sewer or storm water fees on your bill; or you may have both on your bill. You can also change your phone or address of record, request new water service, transfer, or disconnect service from the Pay Water/Storm water Bill page.