Cityworks Permits, Licenses & Land

City Division Management

Cityworks Permits and Licenses and Land (PLL) has been chosen as the replacement for Hansen. With more than 230 Cityworks users throughout the city, The Community and Business Development, Inspections, Revenue, and Stormwater departments will use Cityworks PLL to facilitate case management. Cityworks permits and business licenses will be displayed on a map as a visual snapshot of work throughout the city. Cityworks is the new system of record for the City’s Permits and Licenses and Land Case Management System.


Cityworks PLL is designed to manage permits, projects, inspections, and other activities related to permitting, planning, and engineering review. An intuitive workflow engine accurately tracks the process from application or request through:

  • Departmental plan reviews
  • Fee collection
  • Hearings
  • Inspections
  • Regulatory meetings

Most permits span an array of departments, including building, planning, and engineering. Cityworks Server PLL enables agencies to share and access pertinent information easily and efficiently, streamlining the application and review process across departments, and delivering substantially higher levels of customer service for contractors and citizens. 


Through an easy-to-use map-based, web interface, agency staff can initiate applications from contractors and citizens, efficiently managing the review, inspection and oversight process. Though Cityworks PLL, GIS data is available directly within the application, allowing full access to the geo-database spatial and attribute data.