My FMS Connects User Group

Financial Management Service (FMS) is the City of Winston-Salem's Enterprise Core Financial System. In other words, FMS is the system that keeps up with the budget, checkbook, revenues, and so much more!

Over 300 City staff members use FMS. FMS sends you Purchase Orders through email, captures your Purchasing Card information, and even sends you reports each month. FMS is also the place to be during the annual budget entry.  


The My FMS Connects User Group Website provides a landing spot for resources that you can use to be successful whether you use FMS directly or use a system that retrieves or sends data to FMS.

 For Your Entertainment

Take a few moments at lunch or break to try your luck at the following two puzzles: 

Hint ... if you need help with some of the answers, use the contact sheet and 'phone a friend'!  If you would like to check an answer, email Pam Wilson and I will tell you if you are correct.