My GIS User Group

Services Offered

  1. Online Mapping Services
  2. Training Services
  3. Consulting & Technical Services
  4. License Management Services

The City maintains a variety of online GIS-related mapping services and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that developers use to build applications or automate business functions.

These include:

  • Asset Data Collection Services- for acquiring X and Y data for assets related to work management
  • Geocoding Services - for locating and validating addresses
  • Map Services - 
    • Creating and sharing high quality base maps
    • Creating Production map templates
    • Customized, high resolution maps embedded in applications
    • Tuning Map Exchange Documents (MXDs), creating Editing templates
  • Optimized Search Services - for quickly returning information from big data sets
  • Print Services - for printing of small and large scale maps
  • Proxy Services - for requests for services such as file, connection, web or other resources
  • Querying services - for searching for geographic features
  • Routing services - for getting direction and optimizing routes

Request Services

To request services, call 336-748-3499 or email the Services Desk.

Within 24 hours someone will contact you to request details. Be sure to include a detail description or your request. For example, "I need a high resolution map that show all the parks in the city. I will need a printed version."