2001 Suggestion Winners

October 2001

  • Barney Boger - Streets Suggested that a trailer-mounted fuel tank for the landfill be purchased to reduce down-time by allowing the equipment to be refueled between visits of the city fuel truck. Award: $50. 
    • Also suggested that the city´s wellness program include the warning signs of diabetes, to help city employees detect this disease in its early stages. Award: $50.
  • Seth Burcham - Utilities Suggested that carbon be fed into the water entering the Neilson Water Plant through an existing opening to the water pipe, rather than by creating a new opening. His suggestion lowered the cost of the project and reduced the risk of damaging the water line.
    • Award: $121
  • Pat Gentry - Marketing and Communications Suggested that the Human Resources Assistant class be videotaped so that new assistants could learn about human resources procedures without taking the class. Her suggestion will reduce the need for classes and improve the performance of new assistants.
    • Award: $50
  • Richard Jeffares - Utilities Suggested that sump pumps be installed in manholes at the Elledge Plant, rather than pay a septic tank service to pump out the water several times a week. His suggestion significantly reduced the cost of removing water from these manholes.
    • Award: $436

March 2001

  • Barney Boger - Streets Suggested that cell phones be issued to street crews. This suggestion did not produce cost savings, but it does improve communication.
    • Award: $50
  • Darrell Cope- Utilities Suggested that mixers at the Muddy Creek Plant be redesigned to accept a sealed roller bearing. This suggestion increased the life of the mixer and was estimated to save $4,580 annually.
    • Award: $460
  • Ron Hilton - City-County Utilities and Danny Ratledge- City-County Utilities Description: Suggested that a change be made in the control of the aeration blowers at the Elledge Waste Water Treatment Plant from a parallel control to a cascade control. This suggestion did not produce cost savings, but does improve operations and communication.
    • Award: $50