Paid Parental Leave

About the Plan

Effective September 1, 2018, Savers Admin will begin administration of your family and medical leave (FMLA) and parental leave benefit options. To apply for either FMLA or Parental Leave, simply call Savers Admin at 336-759-3888 or 800-949-0311, and select Option 7. View the following documents for more information:

The City of Winston-Salem will provide up to 6 weeks of paid parental leave to employees following the birth of an employee's child or the placement of a child with an employee in connection with adoption, foster care or legal guardianship. The purpose of paid parental leave is to enable the employee to care for and bond with a newborn or a newly adopted or newly placed child.

The Family Medical Leave Act, while providing job protection in a paid or unpaid status does not address the lack of income experienced by many employees during the birth or placement of a child. This policy will provide paid leave in addition to accrued vacation and sick leave. The paid parental leave will run concurrently with FMLA leave. The policy is effective for births, adoptions, placements of foster children, and legal guardianship on or after July 1, 2017.

  1. Amount, Time Frame & Duration
  2. Coordination with Other Benefits & Policies
  3. Eligibility
  4. Procedures

Amount, time frame and duration guidelines are as follows:

  • Eligible employees will receive a maximum of 6 weeks of paid parental leave per birth, adoption or placement of a child/children. The fact that a multiple birth, adoption or placement occurs (e.g. the birth of twins or adoption of siblings) does not increase the six-week total amount of paid parental leave granted for that event. Additionally, in no case will an employee receive more than 6 weeks of paid parental leave in a rolling, 12-month period, regardless of whether more than one birth, adoption or foster care placement event occurs within that 12-month timeframe.
  • If both parents and/or legal guardians are City employees who meet the aforementioned eligibility criteria, the combined maximum paid parental leave allowed is a combined 12 weeks during the rolling 12-month period.
  • Each week of paid parental leave is compensated at 100% of the employee's regular, straight-time weekly pay or equivalent weekly salary. Paid parental leave will be paid on the City's customary biweekly pay schedule.
  • Employees must take paid parental leave in one continuous period of leave. Intermittent paid parental leave is not permitted.
  • Approved paid parental leave may be taken at any time during the six-month period immediately following the qualifying event and may not be used or extended beyond this six-month time frame. Any unused paid parental leave will be forfeited at the end of the six-month time frame.
  • Upon termination of employment with the City, the employee will not be paid for any unused paid parental leave for which the employee was eligible.