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Arts Council Winston-Salem and Forsyth County Enriching Your Life Every Day
  1. 3 Areas of Focus
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Art Council

Children's Education

We support arts education programs that reach more than 43,000 students each year in elementary, middle and high schools in the county. If you have a child in Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County, the Arts Council helps fund the arts in your child's school.

Creating Jobs & Economic Impact

The number of arts-supported, fulltime-equivalent jobs in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County (WS/FC) rose from 2,765 in fiscal year 2000 to 4,769 in fiscal year 2010. Total economic impact of the arts upon our city/county rose from $76.6 million in fiscal year 2000, to more than $136 million in fiscal year 2010. More jobs and more businesses in Winston-Salem means more revenue from City taxes, which impacts each of the city's 25 departments.

Ensuring a Vibrant Community

Last year alone, more than 512,000 people were impacted by programs and artists who received funding from The Arts Council. In the last five years - tripled the number of arts, cultural and music events in our downtown; doubled the number of downtown restaurants and a 500% increase in the number of businesses.

The Arts Council supports the following in our community: 

  • Dance
  • Dramatic Theater
  • Film
  • Music
  • The Visual Arts

These enrich and impact our lives every day.

The arts nourish our souls and are essential to the quality of our lives. Calling ourselves The City of the Arts speaks to our collective commitment and serves as a constant reminder that promoting the arts in our community requires a strong and continuing public-private partnership. The Arts Council believes the arts, in fact, are for everyone, beginning with our children and continuing throughout lifetimes.