Bike Patrol

Downtown Bike Patrol Group PhotoDowntown Bike Patrol

The Downtown Bike Patrol squad provides an effective and efficient method of patrolling the downtown business district. The officers assigned to this unit work in conjunction with the residents and business owners to reduce crime in the downtown area. The Downtown Bike Patrol squad works a similar schedule to the patrol squads providing coverage to the downtown area everyday. The officers assigned to this unit answer calls for service, enforce city ordinances and traffic complaints specific to the downtown area, and also provide police services during special events.

Officers with the Downtown Bike Patrol attend a number of monthly safety meetings to provide information related to safety and crime trends to business owners and residents. This attendance allows officers the opportunity to better understand and address concerns that business owners and residents may have for the downtown area. Throughout the year the Downtown Bike Patrol participate in bike safety and bike helmet safety programs with our local elementary schools and other special events.

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