Central Warehouse

Central Warehouse BuildingCentral Warehouse provides departments with supplies, tools, operating equipment, and surplus disposal service in a cost efficient and effective manner through consolidated purchasing and centralized storage. Our goal is to provide timely, cost-effective, and high quality services to our customers while achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Need supplies? Use the requisition form.

Need suggestions for vendors? Access the vendor listing. Contact the warehouse for information on surplus items available.


Have surplus items to send back to the warehouse?

The Department wishing to dispose of city property should use the Surplus/Disposal Form (XLSX). This form is not needed for vehicles and heavy equipment maintained by Fleet; the Division/Department Head will notify Fleet directly to initiate the disposal process. You should also use the following procedures:

  • The form (XLSX) is to be filled out and saved as an Excel file. Printed forms will not be accepted.
  • Use multiple forms as needed and attach all forms in one email to the Division/Department Head of your department.
  • The Division/Department Head listed in the form will review the electronic form(s) and email it as an attachment to the Purchasing Division.
  • This email will provide authorization for the listed items to be removed from the Department.
  • The submitted Surplus/Disposal Form will be reviewed for completeness. The contact person listed in the form may be contacted for any additional information.
  • Purchasing will forward the form to the Central Warehouse or Fleet.
  • The Central Warehouse or Fleet will contact the person listed in the form to make arrangements for obtaining the items.

No items will be received by the Central Warehouse or Fleet until they have received the form from Purchasing (other than vehicles and heavy equipment as noted above).