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Please complete the online nomination form in full. All questions must be completed in order for the commendation to be eligible for consideration in the City Stars of Excellence customer service recognition program. Note: If you do not know the City Employee Identification Number, please enter 99999.

April to June 2013 WinnersApril to June, 2013 Quarter City Stars Winner Announced, Congratulations!

Congratulations to Robert (Bobby) Barko of the Utilities Department (Water Plant division) who has been selected as the April to June, 2013 quarterly winner in the City Stars of Excellence Customer Service Recognition Program.

Supervisor Kelly Parker wrote:

Robert (Bobby) Barko has been a tremendous asset to the Water Quality Department. While excelling in his regular job assignments, he took the initiative to learn and execute many of the Senior Chemist duties. This became extremely important when the staff of three reduced to two and the workload doubled for the Senior Chemist. Bobby, without hesitation assumed many of the extra responsibilities including running the TOC and IC instruments upon which 60 to 70% of our work is done. He helped to ensure that all compliance samples were collected and either analyzed or sent off so that we would not have violations enforced by the EPA or North Carolina DENR offices. These samples are all on preset dates and/or times whether they be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. During the quarter, we experienced an algae bloom at the Swann Plant and were receiving 20 to 30 calls per day.

On numerous days Bobby put aside his normal duties so he could assist the Senior Chemist with talking to customers and allaying their concerns and then going on to complete his normal job assignments. Bobby furthered his knowledge and usage of the Laboratory Information Management System which helped with scheduling samples and input data. He aided in the ordering of supplies, equipment and chemicals for the four laboratories in the water division. He has also been active in the training of the new Senior Chemist and assisting the operators when they have been short staffed. All of this was accomplished with minimal over-time and all assignments were completed efficiently and effectively.

Bobby is definitely a role model for all employees. He by far exceeded all the expectations of the Water Quality Department over the past several months especially during the period we were short staffed. His willingness to assume extra responsibilities and complete them within the mandated guidelines has allowed the laboratory to function properly and complete tests without delay while maintaining all certifications, proficiency and compliance. Even though this seems like a one-time event, Bobby epitomizes the example of an employee who exhibits regular and frequent excellent customer service. Even though there have been roadblocks, Bobby has maintained a can-do attitude, kept a professional outlook and demonstrated a high commitment to the job and the City of Winston-Salem.

Congratulations to the Three Finalists

  • Pam Wilson (Finance/Treasury) - Pam received three nominations for the quarter and has received 11 nominations since the inception of the City Stars program. She is honored for consistent excellent customer service. Shelly Stewart wrote: "Pam Wilson has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me grasp the new Purchasing Card Reconciliation program. She could not have been more helpful and always sees so willing to help. Lakesha Dunbar wrote: Pam coordinated and performed the new electronic P-card training for our department. From the beginning she had a clear and open line of communication by contacting the Director and Deputy Director to inform of what she was planning to do. She enquired about our needs and was open to the concerns expressed about how this training might impact the department staff and work schedules. She modified one of the classes to make it more suitable for those in attendance and brought in extra help to do this enabling us to get the staff back to work in a timely manner." Rosie Hatfield wrote: " Pam was a tremendous help to me today - she is awesome. She sure knows her stuff. She was very kind and understanding and walked me through the whole process very patiently. She took the time to answer all my questions and gave me suggestions and tips. I know how busy she was yet she took the time to teach, explain, and literally walked me through the PO process. Talk about excellent customer service!! You truly have a rare gem on your team!
  • Robert (Bobby) Hege (Recreation and Parks) - Bobby was nominated by a citizen for help he provided during the course of his workday at Salem Lake. He assisted the citizen, an 83 year old fisherman, who fell out of his boat as it turned over when he approached the floating docks at Salem Lake. Bobby rescued him from under the overturned boat and onto the shore. Once he saw that the gentleman was okay he got some volunteers to assist him to get the boat out of the water. Towards the end of the day Bobby called the man to check on him and see how he was feeling after his unscheduled swim. The gentleman reported he was fine.
  • Randy Wilson (Utilities C and M) - A citizen wrote: "This morning at approximately 9:30 a.m. a wreck occurred at the intersection of Bolton/Burke Mill and the exit ramp from south-bound Silas Creek Parkway. I was stopped on the exit ramp and saw the accident. One of your employees, Randy Keith Wilson was driving on Bolton/Burke Mill and also saw the accident. He immediately stopped his vehicle, went to the two cars to check on the drivers and passengers. He stayed at the accident scene and was helpful to the people involved and it appeared that he was also helpful to the police and emergency responders. Compliments are certainly due for his behavior – he could have driven on by as others did."