Community Educator Videos

Tiffany Jones

Field Operations-Stormwater Division

Tiffany Jones is with the Field Operations Department. She educates people on how they, farms and businesses impact our area waterways.

In the video, find out how you can help the city maintain healthy waterways for the next generation from a former Stormwater sr. community educator, Roseann L'Esperance.

Sue Spainhour

Marketing / Communication Department

Sue Spainhour is with the Marketing/Communication Department.

She explains to youth and adults how they can interact directly with city officials and add their voices to the city's governance. Find out how in the video.

Theresa Knops

Winston-Salem Fire Department

Theresa Knops is with the Winston-Salem Fire Department. She goes into homes, schools, churches and businesses demonstrating how people can reduce their risk of experiencing a fire.

In the video with former sr. community educator, Sabrina Stowe, find out how two simple tools can save a person thousands of dollars in fire damage and possibly save a life.