The Government Channel WSTV 13 is the City of Winston-Salem´s Government Access Channel, available to subscribers of TimeWarner basic cable in Forsyth County.

Goal of WSTV 13

Our goal is to provide information about city government to the citizens of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. 


WSTV 13 is a division of the City´s Marketing and Communications Department. In addition to live coverage the City Council and County Commissioner meetings, WSTV 13 offers a wide range of original programming designed to better inform and familiarize the community with the city's departments, including WePlay, Behind the Badge, 13 on 13, and more!

Billboard Advertising

WSTV 13 runs informational billboards throughout the day and evening as a public service. You can get your department events and notices on WSTV 13 for citizens to see - just fill out a Billboard Request Form.