Automobile Break-in Prevention Tips

Since January 2009 the Winston Salem Police Department has responded to many auto breakings all over the City. Recently many of these offenses have been taking place in city parks. While many of these targeted vehicles were locked, many were left unlocked. It is suggested that you always lock your vehicle and do not leave items of value in site. Should you find that you are a victim of an auto breaking, do not enter the vehicle, as you may destroy any physical evidence left by the suspect, and call the police as soon as possible.

If you observe an auto breaking, do not confront the suspect(s). Instead, call 911 and provide as much information as possible about the suspect(s).

If you have any information regarding unsolved auto breakings please contact the Winston Salem Police Department - Crimestoppers Hotline at 336-727-2800.


  • Lock Your Doors
  • If you have to leave valuables in your vehicle:
    • Lock them in your trunk
    • Conceal them prior to arriving at your destination
  • Leave no trace that there might be valuables in your vehicle:
    • CDs
    • Cell phone chargers
    • GPS docking station
  • Try to park in well-lit areas
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle where they can be seen:
    • Cell phones
    • GPS
    • iPods/MP3 players
    • Jewelry/Keys/Mail
    • Laptops
    • Loose change
    • Purses
    • Wallets
  • Do not leave items that may seem of value to others even if not to you:
    • Backpacks
    • Briefcases
    • Computer bags (even if no computer inside)
    • Gym bag
  • Do not store valuables in your vehicle longer than necessary, especially overnight