Cubicle Etiquette

Many city employees "live" in cubes during their workday. In a spirit of courtesy and cooperation, everyone needs to make an effort to create a pleasant work environment. Here's a list of tips!

  • Keep your voice down when talking in person or on the phone. If you must use the speakerphone, turn the volume down.
  • If a confidential or personal conversation is necessary, keep your voice down or find a private place to hold the conversation.
  • If you are away from your cube, you can forward your calls to voice mail to limit the rings heard by your neighbors (on the Cisco phone, press the CFwdALL button, then press the "messages" button; press CFwdALL again to cancel).
  • Remember, voices carry in open spaces, and although you may feel enclosed in your cubicle, the space above you is open.
  • Limit fragrances - even good-smelling scents might bother a person who is sensitive.
  • Be considerate when preparing or eating food that is highly aromatic (or noisy)! 
  • Respect other people's privacy.
  • If you listen to music, keep the volume low or wear a headset.