Vehicle Accident on Work Time

To all City employees with a City drivers license:

  • If you are involved in a vehicle accident on the job, you must ensure that police are called to the scene, regardless of the extent of damage (even if none is visible).
  • This applies to both City vehicles or your own personal vehicle during City work hours. Please note that your lunch time is not "City work hours." Using your personal vehicle to go somewhere as part of your job duties during your work time is "City work hours."
  • Do not leave the accident scene until dismissed by the attending police officer.
  • If you have a "take-home" vehicle, this applies according to the "rules of use" governing take home vehicles by the City of Winston-Salem.
  • This process is a very important protocol in support of City policy. Be sure to have your City driver's license with you!

For more information, visit the Employee Safety page in the Risk Management section.