Business - What to Do if Robbed

What to Do in the Event of a Robbery

The first thing to do is to train your employees on what to do in the event of a robbery. Every robbery is different. You will need to assess yourself, the robber, and the situation to determine what you should do. Here are some general tips:

  • Act calmly. Do exactly what the robber says. Keep your movements short and smooth to avoid startling the robber.
  • Do not resist. Cooperate for you own safety and the safety of others. Robbers usually are excited and easily provoked. Tell the robber about any movements you plan to make.
  • Activate an alarm if it can be done safely without alerting the robber.
  • Observe carefully. Study the robber's face and clothing, note any other distinguishing features, observe the direction of escape, record the license, make, and color of any vehicle used in the robbery, etc. Write down everything you can remember about the robber and the crime itself.
  • Lock the door and call 911 immediately after the robber leaves. Call the police before you call the owner or anyone else.
  • Preserve the scene. Discontinue regular business until officers have searched the scene. Cover any surfaces the robber may have touched and keep away from areas where the robber may have been.
  • Ask witnesses to remain. Get names and phone numbers if they are unable to remain. Ask to see their driver's licenses or other ID to verify this information.
  • Don't discuss the robbery with others until all statements have been taken.