Held at Gunpoint

What to Do if Held at Gunpoint

If They Are Trying to Take Your Money

  1. Try not to act angry or weak, they will take even more advantage of you than they already are. Be calm, or at least act calm. Assume they have no qualms about killing you; it's quite likely that they don't.
  2. Do not retaliate! Never forget that you are being held at gunpoint, and could be killed at any moment. You don't want this theft to escalate into homicide.
  3. Give them what they want, and do not hold back. After all, which is more important to you: your life or your wallet?
  4. When they run, call 911, but make sure they are at least one hundred feet away, and/or their weapon is out of range. Take some time to calm yourself down.

If They Are Trying to Kidnap You

  1. Always keep your cell phone in your front pocket. Dial 911, discreetly, but don't say anything if you can't without being noticed yet. Let them record that you called.
  2. Retaliate against them, try and get away. Remember that most kidnappers don't want to kill you, at least not outright; they want to take you.
  3. Once you are out of their grasps, get on the phone with 911. Tell them your address, describe the kidnappers if possible, and tell them you need help now.
  4. Run to civilization! Find a busy area, and run into a busy store or get a car to stop and quickly yell what's happening to you. Tell them "I need to get in, two guys are chasing me!" or something like that. Chances are that they will let you in. If several witnesses are around, the kidnappers will likely stop. But call 911 anyway, because they might be waiting around the corner when you leave.


  • Do not try and hurt them, they will shoot.
  • In a lot of cases, the person has nothing to lose. You have no way of knowing if this applies…don't take chances.