Social Media Guidelines

Reach Thousands with One Message

Send social media content to Deven Swartz, Web Content Coordinator, by phone at 734-1240 or email Deven. Also, ask him about setting up a social media liaison for your department.

As of 2017, the City maintains pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube and LinkedIn. These main pages include information and events from all departments and have had significant impact. More than a dozen departments reached more than 5,000 people through our single Facebook page in 2017, and our more than 25,000 Facebook fans are the most of any North Carolina city.

Any official City social media pages separate from the main pages listed previously must be approved by the Marketing Director and Web Content Coordinator and follow the guidelines in place for social media. Only in certain cases will separate pages or external websites be approved for a department/division/activity. If granted, the Web Content Coordinator must set up the accounts and have the login information for these approved pages/sites on file.

Social Media Policy for Employees of the City of Winston-Salem

Employees who use their own social media pages (or other online forums or groups, etc.), should be aware of policy regarding conduct that may reflect on the City of Winston-Salem:

  • Employees may not represent themselves as a representative of the City unless they have been specifically authorized to do so by the Marketing and Communications department.
  • When using their own social media pages as themselves and choosing to mention their employment at the City of Winston-Salem, employees must adhere to the Ethics Policy (personal behavior, disclosure of confidential information, etc.) and the Computer Code of Ethics found in the Employee Handbook. Employees should also be familiar with the Public Records Retention Laws of North Carolina.

Any violation of city policies will result in appropriate disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Basic Guidelines

  • Keep in mind that anything posted on the internet will be there for a very long time.
  • If posting as an official spokesperson, always be timely, factual, accurate, cordial, and respectful. Be professional.
  • Be transparent about who you are and disclose your association with the City of Winston-Salem.
  • Do not use your official capacity to endorse any product, opinion, political choices, or cause.
  • Do not use your official capacity to gossip, complain, or disparage anyone.
  • Respect copyrights, confidentiality, and the privacy of others.
  • Check your spelling and grammar!

City Social Media Accounts

View the City's Social Media Policy for Public Comment.