Preventing Burglary

Burglary Prevention Checklist

  • Keep the area around your house well-lit.
  • Have a wide-angle door viewer (peephole) in your front door so you can see who is at the door.
  • Always acknowledge a caller at your door to determine who they are and what they want. Some burglars ring the door bell, and if there is no answer, they break in.
  • Do not open your door to anyone you do not know.
  • Secure any sliding glass doors. Put a steel rod in the door channel.
  • Complete a home inventory list, complete with photos or video. Store this list in a secure location, preferably away from home.
  • Participate in Operation Identification - engrave your driver's license number on your property. Burglars do not want marked merchandise.
  • Keep bushes and trees well-trimmed. Thick, tall shrubbery provides hiding places for burglars.
  • Make sure that the locks on your doors and windows are strong and secure and use them.
  • Consider into installing a burglar alarm system.
  • Display "warning" signs. If you have a dog or alarm system, display signs that say you do.
  • Never leave a house key in an obvious place such as a mailbox or under a doormat.
  • Be careful with your keys. Put your house and car keys on separate key rings.
  • Have a security plan for when you are on vacation. Ask a trusted neighbor to pick up the mail, etc.
  • Be wary of wrong numbers and teach children what to say to strangers on the phone.
  • Know the steps to take if your home is burgled.

If you see a burglar in action, get a good description of the person, their car and tag number. Write it down and call the police immediately!

If You Are Burglarized

  1. Do not enter your house if you return home and find signs that a burglary is taking place or has taken place. Go to a safe place immediately, such as a neighbor's home, and call the police.
  2. If you enter your home and find evidence of a burglary, call the police immediately. Do not touch anything or move anything around. Give the police a chance to gather evidence that may have been left.
  3. Try to determine what has been taken and prepare a list of stolen items (with serial numbers if possible) to assist police in their investigation.