Employees of the Year 2019


IT Division Director Julia Conley, Senior Systems Analysts Stan Johnson and Grant Madren

The workload for our IT Division has steadily increased as technology continues to become a necessity in public safety. Stan Johnson and Grant Madren are known for the exceptional work they do as senior systems analysts for the Information and Technology Division. They both work closely with police and fire personnel and are known for their patience, responsiveness and willingness to assist which includes weekends and after hours. Julia Conley can always be found working long hours to update tables and software, preparing data and creating reports for police and fire personnel, evaluating software and agency technology needs. She has a positive attitude, accepts more than one project and gets to work.

The Winston-Salem Police Department transitioned to NIBRS (National Incident Based Reporting System). This change was mandated at both the state and federal levels and required a significant amount of time and preparation. IT staff spent hours updating software, working with personnel from CentralSquare, meeting with Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office IT staff and personnel, coordinating dates and times for updates and outages, speaking with SBI’s Crime Reporting Unit, and updating our mobile field reporting system. This was a huge undertaking for Julia, Grant, and Stan as everything was time sensitive and had to be ready for transition. Our transition to NIBRS went live and Julia, Grant, and Stan were at work helping to oversee a successful transition.

Part of the NIBRS transition required all officers to complete a mupdate on their laptops. Grant worked to ensure that extra mupdate stations were set up at district offices, Beaty, and the Public Safety Center. Additionally, he helped other IT staff set up laptops at Beaty for use in the classroom training sessions help for personnel.

The switch to NIBRS was a major task and would not have been possible without the hard work and commitment to excellence of Julia, Grant, and Stan. Moving to NIBRS is only a small fraction of what this hard-working trio did in 2019. We had building renovations and moves of entire divisions, consideration and implementation of NetMotion software, and the beginning of the fire department’s transition to FireWorks.

In recognition of these employees hard work, dedication, and countless hours of commitment to the Winston-Salem Police Department and the City of Winston-Salem, they has been selected as the 2019 Employees of the Year.