Life Saving Medal


Corporal S. A. Reynolds and Officer L. Pringle

The Lifesaving Medal may be granted to any employee for the saving of a human life or the attempt to save a human life. Saving of a human life or the attempt to save a human life is providing substantial assistance to another such as, but not limited to, the removal of a person from a place or situation where death would be imminent if the victim were not immediately removed, or the administration of CPR, Heimlich maneuver, stopping the free flow of blood, the directing of life saving instructions, or the performing a specific act without which death would be imminent.

Patrol units responded to a Shooting and Active Shooter call. The details advised a subject had been shot and the suspect was still on the scene and armed. Sgt. C. S. Sloan, Cpl. M. C. Holmes, Cpl. S. A. Reynolds, Officer A. N. Norman, and Officer L. Pringle arrived on the scene. A few seconds later they confronted the suspect, who began firing his pistol at the officers. During this exchange of gunfire, Sgt. C. S. Sloan received a gunshot wound to his upper right leg.

Officer L. Pringle retrieved his tourniquet and placed it on Sgt. C. S. Sloan’s upper right leg. Cpl. S. A. Reynolds reacted quickly by removing his tourniquet and applying it to Sgt. C. S. Sloan’s leg as well. Cpl. S. A. Reynolds then used his knee to apply pressure above the wound in order to slow the blood loss. Prior to applying the tourniquet, the wound was bleeding very heavily. After the application of the tourniquets the loss of blood subsided.

The emergency physician who treated Sgt. C. S. Sloan upon his arrival to the hospital stated that the officers that applied the tourniquet to Sgt. C. S. Sloan’s leg probably saved his life, and should be commended for their life saving efforts.

Corporal S. A. Reynolds and Officer L. Pringle’s actions resulted in the saving of Sergeant C. S. Sloan’s life. We are honored to present Corporal S. Reynolds and Officer L. Pringle with the Winston-Salem Police Department’s Lifesaving Commendation Medal.