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Apple Festival at Historic Bethabara Park

September 28, 2024 - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Spend the first Saturday of fall visiting with artists and artisans; tapping your toes to the music of The Burnett Sisters Band and The Blushin’ Roulettes; listening to Ken Bloom play his bowed dulcimer; exploring history with eighteenth-century craftsmen; playing Colonial games; having your face painted; eating apples, or a meal from a local food vendor; and more! Admission is FREE; there are charges for food and crafts.

Apple History at Bethabara 

When Moravians arrived in Bethabara in 1753, they almost immediately set about planting apple trees from seeds brought from Europe. According to records, it was recommended to plant six apple trees for every family member. Within a few years, all the hills around the Park were filled with apple orchards. It is estimated between five and eight acres, according to the maps the Moravians kept.

Apples were among Bethabara's biggest products, probably not far behind cattle. The settlers also probably traded grafts from apple trees to pioneers who passed through Bethabara on their way out west. Historically, apples were a big part of American life. In the Piedmont, people mostly dried apples but the Moravians built root cellars where fresh apples could be kept for a long time.

Apples were used the same as today - dried apples in pies, apple cider to drink, as a side dish and as vinegar. We celebrate Apple Festival with a tribute to the Moravian way of life on this day.

A Message for Vendors

As a rule, Historic Bethabara Park does not have space for new vendors at Apple Fest. Most (if not all) vendors return year after year. On the rare instance we do have spots open up, we turn to vendors who have exhibited here in the past and then pull from our wait list (which is quite long).

All items must be home made and fit with the colonial feel of Historic Bethabara Park. Vendors who demonstrate a period craft or trade will be given preference.

All park events are rain or shine (unless weather becomes dangerous) and vendors are expected to participate regardless of weather. Vendors are charged a $75 non-refundable vendor fee and must agree to sign a hold harmless clause with the park.   Email your information to Debbie Leonard and you will be placed on the wait list. We will contact you if you are selected to be a vendor. Due to the large volume of requests we receive, we ask for no phone calls please.