Edward McCrea

Body Camera Video

The body camera video that shows the encounter of Edward V. McCrae with Winston-Salem Police Officer Dalton McGuire on March 30, 2018, has been posted on the Police Department's website following authorization by Superior Court Judge Michael D. Duncan to release the video to the public.

Portions of the video are graphic and the city has blurred the video in some places out of consideration for McCrae's family. The unedited version of the video is in the court file. City officials urge anyone who obtains the video to exercise caution in its use due to its graphic nature.

The Winston-Salem Police Department asked the court to allow the public release of the video. "Our department is committed to transparency in cases such as this," said Police Chief Catrina Thompson. "Knowing the amount of public interest in this case within the community, I believe that posting the video is warranted."


McCrae, 60, was fatally shot by McGuire after McCrae ignored repeated orders to stop reaching for a pistol during a traffic stop. Forsyth County District Attorney Jim O'Neill cleared McGuire in the shooting after concluding that McGuire had reason to perceive McCrae as a "serious, imminent danger."

At a news conference announcing his decision, O'Neill said he based his decision not to charge McGuire on several factors, including an investigation by the NC. State Bureau of Investigation, McCrae's autopsy report, analysis of witness statements, crime-scene photos and McGuire's body-camera footage.