Citizen Fire Academy

Register for the 2021 Virtual Citizen Fire Academy

The Citizen Fire Academy is offered to city residents as an opportunity to learn about the functions of the Winston-Salem Fire Department. Students will learn about fire department operations and receive hands-on experience in fire and life safety, including an opportunity to ride along on emergency calls. The 2021 session will be held virtually. See program details.

Program Details

The Citizen Fire Academy will be held virtually on Mondays, Aug.10th- Oct. 5th. Residents who wish to participate may click on the link below to sign up to receive email alerts with the weekly CFA video. Each week you will learn something new about how the Winston-Salem Fire Department operates, as well as various fire and life safety tips you can use in your own home.

Topics this year include “Meet the Fire Chief,” where you will hear from our very own Fire Chief, Trey Mayo about what it takes to run the department. Also see a demonstration of “Hands-Only CPR” to learn this life-saving technique. Come take a “Virtual Fire Station Tour” and get an up-close look at our fire apparatus and life in the firehouse. Get some helpful tips about cooking safety and learn the proper way to use and store a fire extinguisher. You will also do a special “Home Safety Scavenger Hunt,” to learn about hazards you may have in your own home. You will also get a peek into the firefighter life and see what it takes to become a WSFD firefighter. 

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn about your fire department and potential life-saving information for your family and home. Gather the family each week and become a part of the virtual Citizen Fire Academy! Click and sign up today!

Come experience the Citizen Fire Academy, virtually!

Female firefighter in classroom

Citizen Fire Academy Class 2018

Citizen Fire Academy Class 2018