Housing Development

Overview of Projects

  • Housing / Neighborhood Development: $6,000,000
    • Construction
    • Financial assistance
    • Housing rehabilitation
  • Transforming Urban Residential Neighborhoods (TURN): $4,000,000
    Targeted assistance for residential neighborhoods
  • Total : $10,000,000

Housing / Neighborhood Development

The City Council's Strategic Focus Area for Livable Neighborhoods includes objectives to improve the character and condition of neighborhoods and expand housing assistance programs. This project would provide:

  • Rehabilitation and home improvement assistance for existing homeowners
  • Financial assistance to homebuyers for acquisition of existing or newly constructed single-family units, with or without rehabilitation
  • Production of single-family units for homeownership, including:
    • Interim construction loans
    • Land acquisition
    • On-site improvements
    • Public infrastructure improvements
    • Second mortgage assistance in order to make housing more affordable

In addition, this project would provide funding for new construction and acquisition and/or rehabilitation of multi-family housing that benefits lower-income households and populations with special housing needs (e.g, elderly and disabled). This project also would provide for investments in the revitalization of existing neighborhoods within the city. Revitalization efforts would include improvements in public infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks, and utilities, as well as the acquisition of properties for redevelopment.

Transforming Urban Residential Neighborhoods (TURN)

One of the strategies identified under the City Council's Strategic Focus Area for Livable Neighborhoods is the development of a program for targeted residential transformation. This project would provide additional financial assistance to rehabilitate single-family, owner-occupied or investor-owned properties. Under this program, residential properties must be located in the targeted focus areas within the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA), have an active Neighborhood Association currently listed with the City, and leverage private dollars.