Public Safety

Overview of Projects

  • Beaty Public Safety Training and Support Center - Phase II: $7,000,000
    2nd floor:
    • Classrooms
    • Evidence storage
    • Forensic labs
  • Fire Station Number 7 Renovation (Arbor Road): $2,000,000
    (Add engine bays and additional living quarters)
  • Fire Station Number 8 Renovation (Wake Forest) : $2,580,000
    (Rebuild and expand to two engine bays)
  • Fire Station Number 9 Renovation (Ogburn): $420,000
    (Add engine bay and expand living quarters)
  • Police District 3 Facility: $3,958,000
    (Hanes Mall Boulevard/Jonestown Road)
  • Police District 1 Facility: $3,458,000
    (University Parkway/North Point Boulevard)
  • Police District 2 Facility: $1,584,000
  • Public Safety Center Renovations: $10,000,000
    New HVAC/generator and upgrades to:
    • Electricity
    • Lighting
    • Plumbing upgrades
  • Total : $31,000,000

Public Safety Center Renovations

One of the strategies identified under the City Council's Strategic Focus Area for Safe and Secure Community is to renovate the Public Safety Center and complete the development of the Alexander Beaty Public Safety Training and Support Center. The existing Public Safety Center, constructed in 1983, is three floors totaling approximately 60,000 square feet. Modernizing the mechanical and electrical systems at the Public Safety Center is required as soon as possible, as these major building systems are reaching a critical point in a critical facility. Bond proceeds would address the following facility needs:

  • Electrical system and lighting upgrades
  • Replacement and upgrades to fire alarm and building security systems
  • Total HVAC replacement
  • Upgrades to bathrooms and plumbing
  • Upgrades to the generator to meet current needs

Alexander Beaty Public Safety Training & Support Center - Phase II

In line with the City Council's Strategic Focus Area for Safe and Secure Community, this project would provide for the continued development of the Alexander Beaty Public Safety Training and Support Center, including renovating the second floor for the Forensic Services Division's crime lab, Fire Department training, and evidence storage.

Police District Facilities

In an effort to enhance the delivery of police services, reduce administrative costs, increase police presence and interactions, and assist with economic development of areas of the city, the City Council is considering the construction of three full-service police district facilities. These facilities would be located away from downtown and police headquarters and in the geographic districts that the specific facility serves.

They would house the complete patrol function for that specific district and be capable of housing other police operations and units as may be deemed beneficial to overall service delivery. Sites include the Lucia Building in the Waughtown area, University Parkway/North Point Boulevard area, and Jonestown Road/Hanes Mall Boulevard area. Bond proceeds would be used for the design and construction of these facilities.

Fire Station Renovations

The strategies identified under the City Council's Strategic Focus Area for Safe and Secure Community include continued modernization and renovation of fire stations. This project would provide funding for major renovations at the following stations:

Fire Station Number 7 (Arbor Road)

This project would involve renovating Fire Station Number 7 located at 100 Arbor Road. The station houses two units, Engine 7 and Rescue 1, operated by the same company personnel. The station needs to be remodeled and renovated to update the building to meet current needs. This renovation would include expanding the sitting area and living spaces in the present building. A new garage (engine bays) would be constructed at the rear of the building along with paving for a driveway.

The new configuration would allow fire personnel to enter and exit off of Country Club Road instead of Arbor Road. The new garage would accommodate larger apparatus, allowing the Fire Department to move equipment or personnel to meet staffing and equipment needs. This renovation would bring the building into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and help the Fire Department meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards by allowing different apparatus to operate out of the station, as needed.

Fire Station Number 8 (Wake Forest University)

This project would involve rebuilding Station Number 8 located on Reynolda Road near Wake Forest University. Presently, the substructure underneath the cement floor is deteriorating and is causing the floor to sink in the engine room. The floor has been repaired; however, this repair is not a long-term solution. Also, the current building cannot accommodate females and is not ADA accessible.

The new facility would include separate bath/shower facilities for females. The new facility also would include two bays allowing the Fire Department to station apparatus as needed. If built on the current site, this project would require the construction of a two-story facility. City staff is researching alternatives including acquiring adjacent land parcels and working with Wake Forest University.

Fire Station Number 9 (Ogburn Avenue)

This project would involve renovating Fire Station Number 9, located at 4685 Ogburn Avenue, to meet present needs. The renovation would include the addition of a new engine bay on the north end of the station to allow placement of a ladder unit and to help meet NFPA requirements.

The current engine bay is not large enough to handle all current apparatus, making it difficult to move equipment or personnel to meet staffing and equipment needs. The remodel also would include an expansion of the dormitory, including a bath and shower on the back of the station, to accommodate a two-company occupancy.