Pier sunrise
Salem Lake offers fishing from the pier or from a boat. Anglers can test their skills at catching Largemouth and Hybrid Bass, Channel and Flathead Catfish, Bream and Crappie.

Pier Fishing

Salem Lake has a 300 ft. fishing pier, with depths ranging from the bank to 30 ft.  It is accessible via a ADA sidewalk and has low side wheelchair accessible areas around the pier. Anglers are allowed to bring umbrellas to sit under but canopies and tents are not allowed. Anglers often catch Bream, Crappie, and Catfish from the pier Largemouth and Hybrid Bass can also be caught. 

Boat Fishing

Anglers can fish in Salem Lake from boats, canoes, and kayaks. Boats must adhere to the rules and regulations of Salem Lake. Boat anglers can expect to catch all species of fish at Salem Lake. All boats must stay at least 200 ft. away from the pier at all times.
stafford 2 Big Bass