TURN Program

The TURN (Transforming Urban Residential Neighborhoods) program was created to address deteriorating structures and neighborhoods to improve the existing housing stock, The program offers financial assistance to low and moderate income households (owner occupied and investor owned) to make necessary repairs to the property, see income qualification chart below. 


TURN Income Limits

Program at a glance: 

  • Maximum assistance up to $65,000 
  • Households (home owner or tenant occupied) must income qualify at or below 200% AMI (see chart above)
  • Income based loan terms, interest rates between 0-4% 
  • Repairs are prioritized to bring the home up to the minimum housing code and address substandard exterior conditions
  • Accepts applications during certain times of the year – Currently accepting applications? YES / NO

Picture 1 Before

Picture 1 After - Completed 2017