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The following information maps and databases are provided by the Department of Transportation's Planning Administration division.  On this  page are the most frequently requested maps and/or data produced by the department.  Click on the link name or file size option to open or download maps and data.  Maps are in Adobe PDF format and viewable using Adobe Reader.  Note:  File sizes may be very large and require time to download.

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Map NameDescriptionDateFile Size
2015 Traffic Counts Map2015 AADT maps by quadarant2015
Downtown Map

Northeast Map
Northwest Map

Southeast Map

Southwest Map

State Maintained Road Map
NCDOT Maintained Roads for Winston Salem

Collector Street Plan Map2007 Collector Streets Map2007PDF/6.2MB
Northern Beltway MapInteractive map of the proposed Northern Beltway corridor2016
Historic Traffic Counts MapInteractive map of Average Daily Travel (ADT) counts (2011-2017)2018