Winston-Salem Zoning Board of Adjustment


The Winston-Salem Board of Adjustments October 7, 2021 meeting will be rescheduled to November 4, 2021 at 2:00 PM. The meeting will be heard at City Hall in the Council Chamber, Room 230, 101 N. Main Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Please follow COVID-19 requirements: you are required to wear a face mask.

For further questions, contact Shelley Pelton at 336-747-7422 or

Due to COVID19, the zoning board members have amended the Rules of Procedures and the petitioner for a consent renewal is no longer required to attend the Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting.  However, if there is opposition at the meeting when your case is heard, the case will be continued to the next meeting and you or a representative for the case will be required to attend to next scheduled meeting.

Zoning Boards of Adjustment 2021 Calendar (PDF)

Meeting Agendas and Board Actions

Winston-Salem Zoning Board of Adjustment Members August 2021 (PDF)

This information is provided in advance for your convenience in preparing for the hearing. Please do not contact any commission member regarding the agenda items; attend the hearing to speak in person.

Any person accessing the agenda [along with available information specific to each application] acknowledges that the proceedings of the Winston-Salem Zoning Board of Adjustment regarding applications for special use permits, variances, and the like are similar to judicial proceedings. As a result, any contact, whether written or verbal, with a member of the Zoning Board of Adjustment regarding an application must be avoided. Information regarding any such application should be presented to the Zoning Board of Adjustment at the public hearing on such application. Should you have questions concerning this rule, please contact Chris Murphy, Deputy Director of Planning and Development Services.

Citizen’s Guide to Evidentiary Hearings before the City Council is on the Zoning page.

Current Winston-Salem Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting agenda (PDF)

Meeting agendas and Board actions 2017-present