Twin Arches

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About the Twin Arches...

The Twin Arches that rise over the interchange of US 52 and Research Parkway are a symbolic landmark that represents the coming together of Winston-Salem’s communities. This iconic gateway into downtown Winston-Salem is a collaborative project between NCDOT, City of Winston-Salem, and Creative Corridors Coalition. At night the arches are illuminated by (12) 205-watt LED fixtures. These LED lighting fixtures have the ability to change color so that we can recognize all of our different communities and celebrations throughout the year. If you would like to request for the lighting color to be changed during certain dates you can complete our arch lighting request form below.

Review and Request Submission Process

Request for Lighting Review Process:

  • Requester sends in their information for the lighting change.
  • I review that this is valid request and all information is accurate.
  • I then send the request and documentation to the Mayor’s office for approval.
  • Follow back up with requester on status of approval.

Ways to submit Lighting Request

To request a lighting change/display you may either:

1.  Visit the forms webpage:


2.  Submit your request via Twin Arch Lighting Request Form


Lighting Policy PDF