African American Heritage Initiative Committee


  • 6:00 p.m.
  • First Wednesday of every month


Method of Appointment

The committee shall be composed of nine members.  Members of the committee shall be residents of the city who possess depths of knowledge about the local African American community and the challenges faced.  Members shall be appointed by the City Council upon the recommendation of the Mayor.

Number of Members


Terms of Office

Three Years

Chief Staff Person

Wanda Allen-Abraha
Human Relations Director
Phone: 336-734-1226

Current Membership - City Council Appointments

Dothula Baron, ChairBlack Female1August 2022
William F. FultonBlack Male1August 2022
Cheryl HarryBlack Female1August 2022
Joycelyn JohnsonBlack Female1August 2021
Jane Penn, Vice-ChairBlack Female1August 2020
Donald ScalesBlack Male1August 2021
Beverly WilliamsBlack Female1August 2021
Annette WilsonBlack Female1August 2020
Linda DarkBlack Female1August 2022

Authority for Creation

The African American Heritage Initiative Committee was established by a resolution adopted by the City Council on April 15, 2019.


To mobilize all sectors of the African American community to participate in uncensored sharing of life as an African-American during segregation and the efforts of desegregation.


To connect all sectors of the African American community and creating a vision for incorporating African-American contributions into the ongoing history of the City.


To preserve the oral, written, and photographical history of African-American culture in the City of Winston-Salem.


  • Seek to coordinate the partnerships of individuals, agencies, and organizations, public and private, to frame a vision for the preservation and melding of African-American contributions.  The partnerships would provide various community input opportunities.
  • Provide leadership to create an African American collection of oral histories, photos, and relics, community-wide.
  • Formulate a vision on how local African American history could be melded into the permanent history of the City.
  • To perform such other tasks as the Mayor and City Council may direct.

November 6, 2019 - Orientation Meeting