Each year, the City of Winston-Salem receives state and federal funds to support affordable housing opportunities for Winston-Salem residents. A substantial portion of these funds are dedicated to expanding affordable rental housing opportunities in the area. 

Expanding Affordable Rental Options to Winston-Salem Residents

Efforts to advance rental housing affordability include:

  • Developing more units of affordable rental housing
  • Rehabilitating existing rental housing stocks
  • Providing Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)
  • Working with citizens to increase economic wellbeing through financial and other training programs
  • Educating tenants and landlords about fair housing laws and practices

To advance these goals, the Community Development Department provides financial assistance to partners in the private and nonprofit sectors to fund a variety of housing initiatives in the community. Several funding sources are used to finance construction and development, and are awarded to developers willing and able to meet the following criteria:

  • Serve persons at or below a certain income limit 
  • Structure funds as gap financing in the form of a low interest loan 
  • Abide by a period of affordability, preserved via a deed restriction 
  • Limit rents to amounts affordable to households at or below certain income thresholds 

Developers and organizations seeking to partner with the City should visit the Developer's Portal to learn more about potential partnerships.


Other Rental Affordability Initiatives

The City uses a variety of tools to increase access to affordable housing. Among these are funds for tenant based rental assistance (TBRA), which offers housing vouchers to assist citizens with monthly rent payments. The Housing Authority of Winston-Salem (HAWS) also provides a comprehensive economic training program to help residents increase marketable skillsets and improve financial literacy. 

For additional information on these programs, please contact HAWS at 336-727-8500 or via email