Future Athletes


Future Athletes is a five week program for children ages 3-5. This is not a league. This is a week-by-week program that teaches children the basic fundamentals of different sports. There will be a Tuesday session and a Thursday session. Each week the children will learn something new about different sports. Session times can run between 6:15 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.


January 19 - February 15: Basketball - Sprague Street (Tuesdays)/ Carl H. Russell (Thursdays) 

March 8 - April 7: Baseball (T-ball) - Old Town (Tuesdays)/ Sedge Garden (Thursdays) 

April 19 - May 19: Track - W.C. Sims (Tuesdays - Group 1)/ (Thursdays - Group 2) 

September 13 - October 13: Soccer - Little Creek (Tuesdays)/ Georgia Taylor (Thursdays) 

Future Athletes 2022 Track copy

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