The goal of Winston-Salem Recreation & Parks (WSRP) Internship Program is to provide a professional learning opportunity to apply classroom skills by planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating various recreational programs.  Interns will experience real working situations that will prepare them for a future in Recreation & Parks.

WSRP accepts interns in Administration, Athletics, Community Recreation, and Therapeutic Recreation.

Internship Requirements

  • University coursework related to the internship opportunity
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Complete a City of Winston-Salem application
  • Able to pass background check and drug test
  • Minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 is required.
  • Have a valid driver license and transportation

 Internship Details

  • Internships are unpaid
  • Therapeutic Recreation internships are with an LRT/CTRS
  • Academic Internship manuals must be submitted if selected for an interview
  • Internship hours vary based on academic requirements
  • Completion of minimum 120 hours of fieldwork or practicum
  • Academic fieldwork and practicums are offered during the summer

How to Apply

Applications shall be submitted according to the timeline below to allow sufficient time for the hiring process. If a deadline has passed, there are no guarantees that an internship opportunity can be fulfilled.

  • Spring Internship:                          August 1 – October 31
  • Summer Internship:                      January 1 – March 31
  • Summer Fieldwork/Practicum:     January 1 – March 31
  • Fall Internship:                              April 1 – June 20
  • Winter Internship:                         July 1 – September 30   


Contact internship coordinators with additional questions

For information about internships offered by other department's, visit Winston-Salem's Internships page.