African American Heritage Initiative (AAHI) Online Submission Form Instructions

Open submission form

General Instructions

All items must be submitted electronically using the online submission. You may submit up to 12 files, such as photos or documents with one submission form AS LONG AS every file relates to the same subject.

For example, you can submit 12 documents items relating to a civic club’s 25th anniversary celebration. If you have 5 photos about the club’s 25th anniversary and 7 photos about its 30th anniversary, you should submit them in separate batches.

If you have an item -- for example, a photograph – for which someone else holds the copyright, you cannot submit it because you are not the legal owner. 

Inappropriate materials: Items that include nudity, profanity, violence or other objectionable acts are not appropriate for this archive and should not be submitted. The city of Winston-Salem reserves the right to reject any item that it deems to be inappropriate.

Boxes marked with a red asterisk must be completed.

Submitter information

Fill out your name, email address and telephone number. We need this information in order to contact you if we have a question about your submission.

Item Information


Give the item you are submitting a title that summarizes in a few words the item you are submitting. Examples:

  • If you were submitting several photos of a church picnic in 1950 for Saint James AME Church, the title could be "St. James AME church picnic, 1950."
  • If the item were the program for a reunion of the Paisley High School Class of 1963, the title could be "Paisley High School Class of 1963 25-year reunion program."
  • If the item being submitted were an oral history recording of a retired business owner, the title might be "Interview with John Doe, owner of Johnny’s Plumbing."


In a few sentences describe the item. Strive to give more information than in your title.

  • If it is a photograph, identify as many people as you can in the photo, where the photo was taken or where the event shown in the photo was held – anything you can think of when you look at that image. 
  • If your submission is a multi-page pdf of a program created for a special event, you could list the number of pages, the date of the event, where the event was held, whether the program was printed in color or black & white…. You can get as descriptive as you like.
  • If your submission is an audio or video recording, you could include the date it was recorded and the place, how long the recording is, and more details about the person or the event that the recording depicts. In the above example of the oral history, you could tell more about John Doe’s plumbing business: Where it was located, the type of work it performed, the years it operated, the birth year of John Doe and his age at the time of the interview, etc.


If your item falls under more than one category, check whatever boxes apply. In the example of the Paisley class reunion, you might check both “Education” and "Special Events." If none of the check boxes apply, check "Other" and fill in the subject.

Creator of Item:

Enter the name of the person who took the photograph or the recorded the oral history. If a document, enter the name of the organization that created it. If a written history, enter the name of the person who wrote it.

Year or time period when the item was created or is reflecting:

If it was a photo, when was it taken? In the St. James AME church picnic example, you would fill out "1950."   In the example of the John Doe oral history, you would fill out the year that the interview was recorded.

Item Owner:

If you took the image or made the recording, enter your name. If a document, enter the name of the organization that created it. If you are submitting the item on behalf of another person organization that it to you to submit, enter that person or organization’s name.  

File Upload

Note that at this time, you cannot upload files that are larger than 250 MB. Because of this limitation any videos uploaded will need to be short. 

Item Type:

Click on the dropdown box and choose the appropriate option: audio recording, document, picture, or video.


Click the box and browse to the item you want to upload. Select the item and click Open and the file name will appear on the submission form below the box. 

If you want to upload another file, click "Add another item" and follow the same procedure until all the files you want to upload are listed. 

Then go to Submission Disclaimer section of the form.

Submission Disclaimer:

Read the disclaimer and check the boxes indicating that you have read it and understand the terms under which the item is being submitted.  YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SUBMIT YOUR ITEM UNTIL THESE BOXES ARE CHECKED.

Submitting your files:

At the bottom of the form will be reCaptcha box to verify that you are submitting these times.

Follow the instructions and then click the Submit button.

That’s it! Your files have been uploaded to the AAHI digital archive.