March 2020 Planning Board Items

Public Hearing - Zoning Petitions

(cont’d from 1/9 and 2/13)
Eberlee Farms, LLC; Bill Ebert; and Janet Ebert (Ardmore Commons) for property owned by Same
Northeast corner of Ebert Street and Silas Creek Parkway (Southwest Ward)
RS9 to RM12-S; 8.22 acresApproval 3/12/2020
F-1592JCS Properties North LLC, William C and Susan Loggins, and Billie Moses (West End) for property owned by Same
Southwest corner of Robinhood Road and Meadowlark Drive
RS9 to GB-S; 33.91 acres
Approval 3/12/2020
F-1593John Berger (Terrace at Havenbrook) for property owned by Same
East side of Lasater Road across from Carrousel Drive
RS40 to RS20-S; 7.62 acres
Approval 3/12/2020
W-3432Clifford Wilson for property owned by Same
Southeast corner of South Main Street and Barber Street (Southeast Ward)
RMU-S to NB-S; 0.44 acres
Approval 3/12/2020
W-3433City of Winston-Salem (Conversion) for property owned by same
North of Patsy Drive (Southeast Ward)
County AG to City AG; 6.00 acres
Approval 3/12/2020
W-3434Ray & Sallie Edwards Investments, LLC (Peters Creek Storage) for property owned by Same
East side of Peters Creek Parkway south of Bridgton Road (Southeast Ward)
HB-S and LB to GB-S; 2.82 acres
Approval 3/12/2020
W-3435Challenges of the 21st Century Inc. (Carter Woodson School) for property owned by same
North side of Goldfloss Street between Vargrave Street and Glendale Street (Southeast Ward)
GB and RS7 to IP-S; 2.42 acresApproval 3/12/2020

Planning Board Reviews

Case NumberPetitioner/OwnerLocationZoning ChangePlanning Board RecommENDS
PBR 2020-01Wake Forest University and Forrest Staton (Chatham Phase 3) for property owned by Same
Northern terminus of Chatham Farm Road, north of Robinhood Road (West Ward)
7-lot PRD in RS12 and IP zoning; Winston-Salem; 21.11 acres
Approved 3/12/2020

Walkertown Zoning and Related Matters

For information related to Walkertown Planning matters, please contact Gary Roberts at 336-747-7069.

Case NumberPetitioner/OwnerLocationZoning ChangePlanning Board Recommends
David Heath (David Heath) for property owned by SameSoutheast corner of Morris Street and Payton Lane
RS20 to LB-S and SIDA; 2.02 acres