May 2020 Planning Board Items

Public Hearing - Zoning Petitions

John L Dyson Sr., Phyllis Dyson, Nancy S Wall (The Enclave at Glenn Landing)
North of Patsy Drive east of Glenn Landing Drive (Southeast Ward)
AG and RS20 to RS20-S; 19.17 acres

William Luther Dixon (Villas at Wilshire)
East side of Old Salisbury Road and south side of Jay Avenue (South Ward)
RS9 to RM12-S; 8.77 acres

James N. Howard, Kerry E. Howard (Brighton Pointe Apts.)
East side of Stafford Place Boulevard, south of Staffard Village Boulevard
RS9 to RM12-S; 9.71 acres

Forsyth County (TROSA)
South side of Union Cross Road west of Wallburg Road (Southeast Ward)
IP to GB-S; 7.20 acres

Wachovia Bank N.A. (Wells Fargo-Silas Creek Fuel System)
Northwest corner of the intersection of Sunnynoll Court and Silas Creek Parkway (North Ward)
GO-S to Site Plan Amendment; 8.65 acres

W.R. Vernon Produce Co., IH-850 Trade LLC, Industry Hill Properties LLC (DPJ-Trade Street)
West side of North Trade Street between West Eighth Street and West Tenth Sreet (North Ward)
LI to PB-L; 4.02 acres
Zinat Management, LLC (Cider Hill)
West side of Ebert Road across from Truelove Lane (South Ward)
RS9 to RM5-S; 7.50 acres
Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc (Robinhood Road Regulator Station)
North side of Robinhood Road east of Meadowlark Drive
LB-S to LO-S; 2.18 acres
A text amendment proposed by Planning and Development Services staff to clarify approval for Special Use Permits

Special Use Permits

Case NumberPetitioner/OwnerLocationREQUESTPlanning Board Recommends
Camel City Commercial, LLC (Remedy Coffee House and Bar)
Southeastern portion of the  intersection of  Reynolda Rod and West End Boulevard (Northwest Ward)
Elected Body SUP for a parking reduction in GMA 2; 0.12 acres

Planning Board Reviews

Case NumberPetitioner/OwnerLocationREQUESTPlanning Board Recommends
PBR 2020-02
Ralph Ketchie, Eugene Ketchie, Robert Lee Hire (Ketchie Park)
East and west sides of South Peacehaven Road north of Wexham Road and south of Foxdale Drive  (West Ward)
180 lot Planned Residential Development; 45.70 acres

PBR 2020-03

Robert Weidl (Crescent Hill)

East side of intersection of Caradco Road and Monarch Way

53 lot Planned Residential Development; 25.49 acres

Walkertown Zoning and Related Matters

For information related to Walkertown Planning matters, please contact Gary Roberts at 336-747-7069.

Case NumberPetitioner/OwnerLocationZoning ChangePlanning Board Recommends
Town of Walkertown (Zoning Conversion); Tulla Mikkola
East side of Reidsville Road/US 158 between Darrow Road and Old Hollow Road/NC 66
County Zoning RS20 to Walkertown Zoning RS20; 1.80 acres