August 2020 Planning Board Items

Public Hearing - Zoning Petitions

Arbor Acres United Methodist Retirement Community, Inc. (Arbor Acres United Methodist Retirement Community, Inc. Assited Living & 25th Street Housing)
South of Arbor Road and east of Reynolda Road (Northwest Ward)  
RM8-S to RM8-S and C-S; 24.45 acres
White Oak Vista LLC (Country Club Self Storage)
North of intersection of Country Club Road and Tucker Avenue (West Ward)
LB-L to GB-S; 1.91 acres

D-2/Dairi-O LLC (Dairi-O Clemmonsville Road)
West of intersection of Orchard View Road and West Clemmonsville Road (South Ward)
HB-S to HB-S; 1.04 acres

CVR Properties LLC (CVR Properties Upgrade)
Southeast corner of intersection of Akron Drive and North Glenn Avenue (Northeast Ward)
LI to GB-L; 4.99 acres

The Commons of Forsyth County, Inc. (The Commons of Forsyth County)
Northwest intersection of Reidsville and Old Greensboro Road (Northeast Ward)
MU-S and RS9 to MU-S; 16.5 acres

Jamias Arriere, LLC (Shrewsbury Apartments)
Northwest of intersection of Stanleyville Road and University Parkway (Northeast Ward)
LB and RS9 to RM8-S; 5.34 acres
UDO-CC4An Ordinance amending Chapter 5 and Chapter 11 of the Unified Development Ordinances-Clear Code to revise principal uses in the Limited Industrial and General Industrial zoning districts; to revise the outdoor storage area requirements of Manufacturing B; and to revise the definitions of Manufacturing A and Manufacturing B for Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.

Ordinance amendment proposed by Planning and Development Services amending Section 3.2.2 of the UDO Clearcode pertaining to Certificates of Appropriateness  

Planning Board Reviews

Case NumberPetitioner/OwnerLocationREQUESTPlanning Board Recommends
PBR 2020-04
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC (Duke Energy-Kerwin Circle)
East of Kerwin Circle and Northwest of intersection of Stanley Farm Road and West Mountain Street
Construction of utility substation; 13.27 acres

PBR 2020-05

MLK Properties LLC (9th Cube)

Southwest corner of intersection of Ninth Street and Angelo Brothers Avenue (East Ward)

10 Single-family Residential housing units; 1.18 acres

PBR 2020-06Forsyth County (Kaleidium)
Southeast corner of intersection of West Third Street and Town Run Lane (Northwest Ward)
Alternative Compliance request for Winston-Salem Overlay requirements; 1.18 acres