National Register Nomination Review

The National Register of Historic Places is the nation's official list of historic resources worthy of preservation for their significance in American history, architecture, archaeology, and culture. Established by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the purpose of the National Register is to ensure that properties significant in national, state, and local history are considered in planning federal projects, and to encourage historic preservation initiatives by state and local governments as well as the private sector. 

Prior to review by the North Carolina National Register Advisory Committee (NRAC), the Forsyth County Historic Resources Commission and the Certified Local Government (CLG) review all new nominations to the National Register of Historic Places for properties and districts within their boundaries. Consequently, CLGs share their local expertise with state and federal preservationists and gain a say in state and federal recognition of historic resources in their areas.  The Commission and the CLG provide comment on the proposed nomination as to whether it meets the criteria for listing in the National Register of Historic places.

The nomination is reviewed by members of the NRAC at one of the regular meetings. If the NRAC recommends that the nomination be submitted to the National Register, it is signed by the State Historic Preservation Officer and forwarded to the Keeper of the National Register. At the National Register office, the nomination is reviewed and the decision to list or not list is made within not less than 15 and not more than 45 days of receipt. If the property is listed, the North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) will notify the owner and provide a certificate stating that the property has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Owners who desire plaques may order them from private commercial suppliers. The SHPO does not provide plaques or recommend any particular supplier.

National Register Nominations


Forsyth County Properties Listed in the National Register of Historic Places

African American Neighborhoods in Northeastern Winston-Salem ca. 1900-1948 (MPDF)Winston-Salem
Alexander S. and Mary R. Hanes HouseWinston-SalemRegistration Form
Ardmore Historic DistrictWinston-Salem
Arista Cotton Mill ComplexWinston-Salem
Atkins High School (former)Winston-Salem
Atkins, S. G., HouseWinston-Salem
Bahnson, Agnew Hunter, HouseWinston-Salem
Bethabara Historic DistrictWinston-Salem
Bethabara Moravian ChurchWinston-Salem
Bethania Historic DistrictWinston-Salem
Bethania Historic District (Boundary Increase)Bethania
Black, George, House and BrickyardWinston-Salem
Blair, William Allen, HouseWinston-Salem
Bland, Joseph Franklin, HouseWinston-Salem
Brickenstein--Leinbach HouseWinston-Salem
Brown, W. C., Apartment Building (Gone)Winston-Salem
Centerville Historic DistrictWinston-Salem
Chatham Manufacturing Company--Western Electric CompanyWinston-Salem
Chatham, Thurmond and Lucy, HouseWinston-Salem
Clayton Family FarmStanleyville
Coan-Gray HouseWinston-SalemRegistration Form
Conrad--Starbuck HouseWinston-Salem
Craver Apartment BuildingWinston-Salem
Crews, Thomas A., HouseWalkertown
Downtown North Historic DistrictWinston-Salem
Downtown Winston-Salem Historic District
Approved Nomination Form
Dyer, James B. and Diana M., HouseWinston-Salem
Elizabeth and Bowman Gray Jr. HouseLewisville vicity
Evergreen FarmWinston-Salem
First Baptist ChurchKernersville
Flynt HouseRural Hall
Forsyth County CourthouseWinston-Salem
Gilmer BuildingWinston-Salem 
Goler Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion ChurchWinston-Salem
Goler Metropolitan AME Zion ChurchWinston-Salem
Hanes Hosiery Mill--Ivy Avenue PlantWinston-Salem
Hanes, P. H., Knitting CompanyWinston-Salem
Hanes, Robert M., HouseWinston-Salem
Hill, J. S., House (Gone)Winston-Salem
Historic and Architectural Resources of Kernersville (MPDF)Kernersville
Hoehns (Hanes), Philip and Johanna, HouseClemmons
Holly Avenue Historic DistrictWinston-Salem
Hoots Milling Company Roller MillWinston-Salem
Indera MillsWinston-Salem
Jones, Dr. Beverly, HouseBethania
Kapp, John Henry, FarmBethania
Kernersville DepotKernersville
Korner's FollyKernersville
Lloyd Presbyterian ChurchWinston-Salem
Lowe, Cicero Francis, HouseWinston-Salem
Ludlow, Col. Jacob Lott, HouseWinston-Salem
Mars Hill Baptist ChurchWinston-Salem
McKaughan, Isaac Harrison, HouseKernersville
Memorial Industrial SchoolRural Hall
Middleton HouseWinston-Salem
Nissen BuildingWinston-Salem
Nissen Building (Boundary Increase)Winston-Salem 
Nissen, S. J., BuildingWinston-Salem
North Cherry Street Historic DistrictKernersville
North Cherry Street Historic DistrictWinston-Salem
North Cherry Street Historic District (Boundary Decrease and Additional Documentation)Winston-Salem
Oak Crest Historic DistrictWinston-Salem
Oak Grove SchoolWinston-Salem
O'Hanlon BuildingWinston-Salem
Old German Baptist Brethern ChurchWinston-Salem
Old Richmond Schoolhouse and GymnasiumTobaccoville
Old Salem Historic DistrictWinston-Salem 
Old Salem Historic District (NHL Updated Documentation and Boundary Change)Winston-Salem
Paisley, J. W., House (Gone)Winston-Salem
Pepper BuildingWinston-Salem
Poindexter, H. D., HousesWinston-Salem
Reynolda Historic DistrictWinston-Salem
Reynolds BuildingWinston-Salem
Reynolds, R. J., Tobacco Company Buildings 2-1 and 2-2Winston-Salem
Reynolds, Richard J., High School and Richard J. Reynolds Memorial AuditoriumWinston-Salem
Reynoldstown Historic DistrictWinston-Salem
Richmond Courthouse Site (Archaeology)DonnahaRestricted
Roberts--Justice HouseKernersville
Robinson, A., BuildingWinston-Salem
Rogers, James Mitchell, HouseWinston-Salem
Rural Hall DepotRural Hall
Salem TavernWinston-Salem
Salem Town HallWinston-Salem
Schaub, John Jacob, HouseVienna
Shamrock MillsWinston-Salem
Shell Service StationWinston-Salem
Shultz, Christian Thomas, HouseWinston-Salem
Single Brothers' HouseWinston-Salem
Single Brothers Industrial Complex Site (Archaeology)Winston-SalemRestricted
Slater Industrial Academy Residences of Columbian Heights (MPDF)Winston-Salem
Smith, W. F., and Sons Leaf House and Brown Brothers Company BuildingWinston-Salem
Snyder, John Wesley, HouseWinston-Salem
Sosnik-Morris-Early Commercial BlockWinston-Salem
South Main Street Historic DistrictKernersville
South Trade Street HousesWinston-Salem
Speas, William Henry and Sarah Hauser, HousePfafftown
Spruce Street YMCAWinston-Salem
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
St. Philip's Moravian ChurchWinston-Salem
Stauber, Samuel B., FarmBethania
Stuart Motor CompanyKernersville
Sunnyside--Central Terrace Historic DistrictWinston-Salem 
Union StationWinston-Salem
Wachovia BuildingWinston-Salem 
Waller HousePfafftown
Washington Park Historic DistrictWinston-Salem
Wachovia Bank and Trust Company BuildingWinston-Salem
Waughtown--Belview Historic DistrictWinston-Salem
West End Historic DistrictWinston-Salem
West Salem Historic DistrictWinston-Salem
Winston Lake Golf Course 
Winston-Salem City HallWinston-Salem
Winston-Salem Southbound Railway Freight Warehouse and OfficeWinston-Salem
Winston-Salem Tobacco Historic DistrictWinston-Salem
Womble, Bunyan S. and Edith W., HouseWinston-Salem
Zevely HouseWinston-Salem