In the fall of 2020, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utilities launched a water meter upgrade program called WaterSavvy. Thousands of new meters have already been installed and over the next few years we’ll upgrade all 130,000 residential and commercial meters in our service area. 

Once the new system is activated, modern “smart” meters from our contractor Sensus will securely transmit usage information and alerts in real time. This will help us monitor flow, quickly detect leaks and reduce our visits to your home or business – all while keeping your data safe.

WaterSavvy also means better service! We’re creating a superior online customer portal where you can easily manage your bills, track your usage to conserve water and set up alerts for leaks. The MyWaterSavvy portal is anticipated to launch in 2024. Best of all, there will be no charge on your bill for these improvements.

Modern meters, convenient access to information, better service that’s WaterSavvy, smart with every drop.

Customer Benefits

Convenience   Access to information, easier payment process
In the future, our MyWaterSavvy portal will give you real-time access to information about your usage, billing and notification settings. 

Privacy   Protecting your privacy, improving our safety
We’re serious about your security. WaterSavvy meters record your usage, encrypt it and wirelessly deliver it to our office. The meters don’t store any personal information such as your name or address and no one can access your usage data at the meter.

Wireless metering also reduces our need to visit your home or business to read meters. That means more privacy for you and improved safety for us, with less risk of vehicle accidents, animal bites and other hazards. As much as we love our pups, we know it’s better for everyone if we don’t have to visit as often.

Accuracy More accurate metering, more timely billing.
It’s our responsibility to replace aging infrastructure with up-to-date technology that provides a more precise and timely record of your usage. This will allow us to bill you on a monthly cycle, instead of every two months. We've heard from customers that they prefer monthly billing. This makes it it easier for you to budget and schedule payments, track your usage and understand where the numbers are coming from. Additionally, the MyWaterSavvy portal will show data in a way we can all understand – in gallons rather than cubic feet.

Speed Responsive service, rapid repair
Got leaks? WaterSavvy meters help us quickly detect leaks and take action to repair them. That's a win-win to conserve and efficiently deliver our high-quality drinking water to your tap and save you money. Once the MyWaterSavvy portal is launched, we'll be able to address customer concerns more quickly with real-time leak notifications and other service alerts. Better communication through these timely updates means fewer surprises for you, especially on your bill – that’s the difference smart meters make. 

What can I expect from the meter upgrade process?

Customers will receive letter notification for their upcoming meter audit and upgrade prior to the meter technician visit.
View sample letter (PDF)  
Ver carta modelo (PDF)

There is no need to be present or schedule an appointment for a meter upgrade. Customers can expect the following:

First Visit Concord Utility Services, a Sensus subcontractor, will perform a meter audit to ensure that all meters are accessible prior to the upgrade.

Second Visit  On the day of your meter upgrade, an authorized representative from Concord will knock on the premises door to notify customers prior to beginning work.

During the meter upgrade, you may experience a brief interruption of water service for approximately 30 minutes.

The meter technician will leave behind a door hanger indicating if your meter was upgraded. If the meter technician was unable to complete the upgrade, the door hanger will list the reason and a number to contact to reschedule.
View sample door hanger-English y español (PDF)

Contractor Identification 
For both visits, meter technicians will have a Concord vehicle, uniform and photo identification. They will NOT request payment, personal information or access to customer residences. If you have any immediate concerns, dial 911 or contact CityLink at 336-727-8000.