Stream Watch in Winston-Salem

Stream Watch in Winston-Salem is an educational, citizen science program to help everyone learn more about our local waterways in Winston-Salem. Check out the map below to see where others have participated!

How to Participate

Sign up for Stream Watch in Winston-Salem using our Stormwater Volunteer Form. We will confirm your sign up with our waiver and send you the Stream Watch in Winston-Salem Survey and our Stream Features Guide.

After signing up, visit a local waterway in Winston-Salem, this can be a stream or creek near your home or at a favorite city park, and follow along on Stream Watch in Winston-Salem survey to make various visual observations about the stream habitats and water quality. Make sure to note your stream location and take a picture of your stream section to share with us. To take a good stream picture, make sure you are facing upstream (this means water is flowing towards you!).

Safety comes first when being around our local waterways, dress appropriately (closed toed shoes are strongly encouraged) and watch your footing around the stream banks so you don’t slip or fall. Please do not disturb any wildlife you may come across. Don’t go down to the water if there is any chance of a storm, a stream channel can quickly fill with fast moving water during a rain event. Always wash your hands after working around the stream.

Help Take Care of Our Local Waterways

If you observe any storm drain, pipe, creek or stream that has an unusual smell, appearance or signs of dumping/suspected pollutants while participating in Stream Watch in Winston-Salem, please report it to us right away by calling the Stormwater Pollution Hotline at 336-727-8000 or CityLink 311.

Contact Us

For more information call 336-747-6960.