Eviction Diversion Mediation (EDM)

The Human Relations Eviction Diversion Mediation program is a specialization, created at the request of Forsyth County Chief District Court Judge, Lisa Menefee.  The purpose is to divert evictions based on nonpayment of rent due to effects of COVID-19.  Our community partners are Legal Aid-Winston-Salem Office, Wake Forest School of Law, and The City of Winston-Salem City Attorney's Office.

Do you need to submit a CDC Moratorium Request Form with your landlord due to COVID-19?  

Human Relations to Assist Courts by Mediating COVID-19 Related Rent Disputes

Legal Aid of North Carolina in regards to CDC Moratorium on Evictions

Partner Agencies

Forsyth County Clerk of Courts

Legal Aid of North Carolina

Wake Forest Community Law Clinic

Eviction Diversion Mediation Flyer