Smoking Cessation Aids

Insurance Pays for Smoking Cessation Aids

All prescription smoking cessation aids that are covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield are now covered at 100%. Take your prescription to any pharmacy and show your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance card. The medication will be free.

For over-the-counter smoking cessation aids, or if you are not covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, pay out-of-pocket and bring your receipts to Betty Speaks at Employee Medical and get reimbursed. Call Betty at 336-748-3866 first if you have any questions.

Quit the tobacco habit!! This benefit includes smoking tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, etc.) and non-smoking tobacco (chewing tobacco and snuff).

Free Smoking Cessation Programs

Employees interested in stopping smoking can sign up for the free smoking cessation program organized several times a year by Employee Medical. The program lasts five weeks, one hour each week, and employees are allowed to attend without taking leave time. For more information or to sign up for the next class, contact Betty Speaks at 336-748-3866 or email Betty.

Betty can also provide information on the effects of smoking and the various health care options for help in quitting.

Closing of Smoking Rooms

The closings of the smoking rooms were prompted by the need to find more space for city staff and the expanded CityLink citizen contact center, City Manager Lee Garrity said in a message to employee posted on the Employee Center. While we have maximized space as much as possible, we continue to face challenges with workspace and storage of documents. In order to address these space needs, we will need to absorb the existing smoking areas.

We are committed to wellness and want to help our employees ‘kick the habit, Mr. Garrity said. Every time one of us stops smoking, we all benefit. The smoker benefits the most, of course, but everyone else benefits from the reduction in our overall medical costs, which affects the health premiums that employees help pay.

To help employees quit smoking, the city is now covering 100 percent of the cost of smoking cessation drugs, even for employees who are not covered by the city’s health plan. Employees who are using non-prescription, over-the-counter products to help them stop smoking can bring their receipts to Betty Speaks at Employee Medical Services and be reimbursed 100 percent for the cost.