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Artist's concept of the upcoming redevelopment of Cleveland Avenue Homes

In April of 2020, the City of Winston-Salem, alongside the cities of Fort Worth, TX, Los Angeles, CA and Philadelphia, PA, received a $30 million Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) Grant by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This significant investment will be used to construct and renovate hundreds of housing units for the benefit of residents in the Cleveland Avenue area.

Additionally, a $3 million match of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, earmarked by the City, will be contributed to the project. These funds will cover certain eligible expenses, and potentially include single and multi-family housing, small business development, streets and infrastructure. These investments will help provide complementary support to the CNI goal of connect community members with good-paying jobs and high-quality housing and educational opportunities. 

A History of Housing In Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem has grown and evolved substantially over time. However, that evolution has not occurred evenly across communities or demographics. For East Winston and the Cleveland Avenue area, a combination of historical policy decisions and differing trends in local economic development led to this community often being passed up by many of the opportunities for growth and prosperity afforded to other areas of the city.CN4

Over the last several years, these disparities led the City to apply for HUD CNI funding to secure the financial resources necessary for local stakeholders to make substantial, meaningful investments in the East Side.  

Selecting a location for the Choice Neighborhood area was a process informed by historical, social and economic analysis of development trends and demographic characteristics of the broader Winston-Salem area. This analysis will inform the City’s work of investing CNI resources in building a stronger, more prosperous community for East Side residents for generations to come. 

Weaving Together a Community



To afford residents of the East Side with better access to the broader Triad area, more robust connections to commercial and employment assets, such as the Innovation Quarter, along with more and higher quality affordable housing options are needed. The CNI investment will empower residents of East Winston to move their community closer to these goals. 

With new resources invested in our community by the CNI, 406 units of mixed income housing will be constructed or renovated in the Cleveland Avenue area. These will consist of 199 replacement units, along with 85 workforce and 122 market rate units. East Winston Residents will be afforded a suite of new amenities, including a clubhouse, business center, pocket parks, playgrounds and a large central park.

Better access to early childhood education and adult employment opportunities will be central to CNI.  A comprehensive case management system, led by Urban Strategies, Inc., will link residents to a variety of educational opportunities, programs for job training and access, and a network of medical providers. Parenting PATH will work to provide in-home support and enrichment in group settings for caregivers of children under five.  

An education equity team, led by Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, will be formed to support out-of-class student development. Additional education supports for STEM instruction will be provided by Winston-Salem State University, a local HBCU. Employment and health services will also be offered to all Cleveland Avenue Homes residents and coordinated through a robust service provider network. 

It is anticipated that millions of new dollars in economic development and investment will be generated over following years through new business and construction activity. Together, this new network of physical and communal infrastructure will weave together a stronger, more prosperous community for the residents of East Winston. 

A Community Engagement Website

Our community engagement website has officially launched! On it residents will find lots of information about the Cleveland Avenue Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, including a timeline, site plans and floor plans for phase 1, work and contracting opportunities, and FAQs.

We’re inviting community members and neighbors to share their ideas on this website.

Here’s how to participate:

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